ArmaScriptTrace v0.4 (BETA) Released

Added by firefly2442 about 6 years ago

ArmaScriptTrace v0.4 (BETA) has been released. Please test it. These are the new features in this release:

  • scrollPane resizes after loading multiple files (this was fixed by creating multiple image files)
  • Add ability to set tree or cluster mode for the resulting graphics file
  • Add ability to drag and drop files onto the main window to load scripts
  • Add ability to save images to PNG, JPG, and PDF
  • Default save location to Desktop
  • Add ability to filter by filetype
  • Add ability to filter by method calls
  • Fixed some bugs, restructured the dot generator a little
  • Open menu item disabled while processing script
  • Delete image and dot files on run just in case there are leftovers from previous run
  • Check file size of resulting image to see if GraphViz worked correctly, if not display error message

Also available in: Atom