Arma2NET 2.3 released

Added by Scott_NZ over 4 years ago

- Added SetClipboardText <text> and GetClipboardText functions for manipulating the clipboard.
- Improved the startup time.
- Added AsyncActionAddIn and AsyncFuncAddIn for high performance asynchronous calls.


Arma2NET 2.2 released

Added by Scott_NZ almost 5 years ago

Arma2NET 2.1.1 released

Added by Scott_NZ almost 5 years ago

Changelog since 1.13:

Arma2NET 2.1.1 (7 Aug 2012):

- Fixed an issue with Utils.FileVersion and Utils.Version throwing a FileNotFoundException.
- Improved the behaviour of the plugin system, and added a new Reload command.
- Improved the responsiveness of Arma2NET Explorer.

Arma2NET 2.1 (28 Jul 2012):

- Fixed an issue where addin dependencies were not loading correctly.
- Fixed a non-fatal error sometimes caused when retrieving the list of loaded addins.
- Improved the appearance of Arma2NET Explorer, and added a "Run History" feature.
- Improved the log files - addin details are now in a nice table.
- Added XML documentation file for use with IntelliSense, to make addin development easier.

Arma2NET 2.0 (22 Jul 2012):

- Performance boost, including an improvement in startup time.
- Removed sandboxing because people just override it with arma2netdev anyway, defeating the purpose of having it.
Plugins can now be updated and reloaded at runtime with the new custom plugin system. This should also work with .NET 4.5 RC.
- Removed scripting system for now because of issues with resolving external references.
- Removed Settings.yaml and files and folders which are no longer needed.
- Fixed culture issues - Format.ObjectAsSqf was not using the invariant culture properly.
- PythonPlugin now targets IronPython 2.7.3, from 2.7.2.
- These are breaking changes - all plugins will need to retarget Arma2NET.


Arma2NET 1.13

Added by Scott_NZ almost 5 years ago

Bug fixes and improvements to Arma2NET Explorer.
Grab it here:

Settings issue with Arma2NET 1.9

Added by Scott_NZ about 5 years ago

I have noticed that Settings.yaml isn't created by the 1.9 installer. This is fixed for the next version. Until then:
If you used the installer, create a Settings.yaml file inside @Arma2NET using the contents of, or download the @Arma2NET ZIP archive instead.

Arma2NET 1.8 released

Added by Scott_NZ about 5 years ago

- Added a utility application which can be used to explore addins.
- New function 'VersionOfAddIn' which will return the version of the specified addin.
- Logging directory moved to AppData/Local/Arma2NET by suggestion.
- Improved PythonPlugin to use the standard library and user-provided .py files. See the wiki for more details.
- Fixed a minor logic error in returning the result back to Arma 2.
- Fixed an issue where SQF arrays inside other SQF arrays weren't being converted properly.
- Fixed an issue where the 'Functions' function wasn't actually returning a list of functions.

Upcoming version 1.7 changes

Added by Scott_NZ about 5 years ago

Listed below are the changes that will probably make it into version 1.7, maybe some more if something comes up.

  • New function CompareVersion to compare versions, e.g. is version higher than
  • Improved plugin activation/deactivation systems, where only one plugin is activated as needed.
  • Overhauled SQF/object formatting.
  • Bug fixes related to sandboxed plugins.
  • Internal improvements.

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