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Mikhail, 11/24/2010 05:42


Special thanks to:

  • SickBoy for major support in ideas, coding and for hosting at Dev-Heaven
  • i0n0s for his sharing Delphi sources
  • kju, Oktane for good hints and advise
  • Jaynus for his ArmaLib
  • TemichSablin for support and help and my Arma2 Squad of Russian Alliance Community
  • Muahaha, HeliJunkie, Kremator and all those who inspired me at BIForums

Probably without any of these people AAR would not have reached the Alpha Demo. Thanks Guys.

Tested only on Windows XP 32bit on Combined Ops. (please report usability with other combinations)

IMPORTANT! This current system is not final (stable). It's recording capabilities are not tuned and probably if you want to use AAR again to record new replay you will have to restart both arma and Client.

What's recorded?

Current version records:
  • Fired events
  • Hit events_ (your player's hit is shown as red circle on the target)_
  • Unit damage
  • Kills
  • Units position
  • Units horizontal direction (no vertical)

Due to incomplete event recording probably you will die or playback will get unstable if during recording you will try:
  • Using any kind of transport
  • Being gunners in static weapons
  • Using ladders
  • Opening doors and entering them

So basically it's already can be useful for simple infantry mission.

Filesize and record time limit.

Recording time is virtually infinite to the extend of operating system capabilites of writing files bigger than 2gb.

Your replay filesize grows with every unit added. Once the unit is killed it consumes less space. You can compare the filesize to a recorded video size on your PC, but video depends on the resolution, audio tracks and compression, while AAR replay will depend on unit quantity and fps. I tested it on 10 vs 10 units. Some 3-4 minutes consumed I think 1-2 mb.


At this moment AAR consists of a set of scripts in a mission which is AAR Arma2, and a Delphi application compiled for windows (ra_aar.velmet.org.exe) which is the AAR Client.


  1. Download the two archieves of Current version. Unpack.
  2. place aar_io_1.utes (with scripts) to you missions folder.
  3. grab ra_aar.velmet.org.exe from AAR_NEW.rar and copy it to some folder (where replays will be stored).
  4. Be sure test.aar is within the same folder as ra_aar.velmet.org.exe


  1. Start Arma2 with CBA and JayArma2Lib addons.
  2. Start ra_aar.velmet.org.exe. It must inform you that all 4 pipes are open. Then it will tell that no pipes found or something. It's ok because we did not initiate AAR in Arma.
  3. Start the mission aar_io_1.utes. You can edit all the contents to your liking, but be sure every unit is named (has variable) and you have a unit called "reporter" who will have AAR menu controls.
  4. When mission starts scroll mousewheel (dialog is not implemented yet) and select "Launch AAR"


The AAR Client stops spawning errors and says that pipes are empty.
In game you see that AAR is waiting for some commands.


  1. Scroll mousewheel and select Record.
  2. Wait until timer in the right corner starts (at the same time you see Client receiving data on Data Monitor)
  3. Scroll and select Stop when you're done.
  4. Your replay data is saved in the folder with ra_aar.velmet.org.exe as test.aar


In this version you are at last able to playback your recorded replay just after you recorded it. But of course if you killed someone, they are not resurrected. You will only see all the movement and moving corpses)))

  1. load the mission in which you recorded replay at the state of all units present and alive.
  2. Scroll to Play
  3. in some seconds you will see the replay stored in test.aar (my clumsy little replay is included in archive - just hit PLAY without recording)
  4. You can look up and down, use 3rd person view, command view if leader, use map (seems replay goes faster when looking at map 0_o)

Spectating (experimental)

  1. Hit SPECTATE to enter spectator mode
  2. Press F1 to read manual for spectating

Spectating script is not mine, it's Kegety's Spectate slightly modified by F2 team and a bit adjusted for AAR.
Sometimes Spectating crashes the whole AAR sayin smt about "Divizion by zero". So restart game and AAR.