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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes
71230 FeatureNewNormalAdd setFlashLightOn for Unitfirefly244212/30/2013 13:16Scripting2
71229 FeatureNewNormalAdd setIRLaser for Unitfirefly244203/10/2013 23:31Scripting1
25351 FeatureNewNormalOptional Click/Hold for Ironsightsfroggyluv09/06/2012 01:07Controls7
25350 FeatureNewNormalFire on My Leadfroggyluv02/02/2013 22:26Controls9
25349 FeatureNewNormalAI Indoor Fighting including window/doorsfroggyluv04/06/2014 12:17AI89
72135 BugNewNormalUH-80 (minor config issue) : Right projector always onFSFKiTooN06/25/2013 23:171
72133 BugNewNormalAH-99 Blackfoot (minor config issue) : muzzle smoke too far away from cannonFSFKiTooN06/25/2013 17:46Model1
24110 FeatureNewNormalVON Channelsgonk09/02/2012 22:08Other7
67987 FeatureNewNormalMake multiple highlighted units playable at oncegunter03/15/2013 11:48Editor12
25672 FeatureNewNormalAfter Action Review Lite / Battle recorder - simple replay and playback of a multiplayer and singleplayer gamesHanzu02/02/2013 22:25Other32
25671 FeatureNewNormalMake a decision if you use the word "Task" or "Objective" for the same thingHanzu11/14/2012 03:04GUI-2
25670 FeatureNewNormalPossibility to skip cutscenes (if any will be added) with key or keycombinationHanzu10/21/2011 03:36Animations2
25668 FeatureNewNormalBigger Debriefing statistics screen to contain more information and statisticsHanzu06/30/2012 21:48GUI11
44855 FeatureNewNormalAbility to disable text channels, but still allow voice on themHeaney55509/16/2012 14:052
71532 BugNewNormalGame key functions still active when using chati7603/29/2013 22:350
71531 FeatureNewNormalPort All ArmA 2 Weapons, Vehicles & Units to ArmA 3i7603/29/2013 22:27Other1
72602 BugNewNormalAltis - invisible wall!IceBreakr08/28/2013 00:510
20036 FeatureNewNormalMore sophisticated human body model & steering requiredINNOCENTandCLUELESS02/23/2013 15:04Animations28
19797 FeatureNewNormalMore rigid mod handlingINNOCENTandCLUELESS02/02/2013 22:28Other12
71239 BugNewNormalWeird Lighting bug that was present in Arma 2James198903/10/2013 21:22Rendering2
71179 BugNewNormalModel warping bugKaiserPanda03/07/2013 16:24Model-1
23075 FeatureNewNormalBring back death quotes from OFPkjuDwarden04/06/2014 12:15Other50
23074 FeatureNewNormalImplement After Action Review (basics)kju05/29/2012 02:2726
71281 BugNewNormalzoom in, aim, zoom outkOepi03/29/2013 22:193
26866 FeatureNewNormalVehicles: Passable interiorsKol9yN06/25/2013 17:59Model27
28213 FeatureNewNormalProvide high quality and complex MP missionskondor04/23/2012 23:44Multiplayer1
20066 FeatureNewNormalServers list filterskondor04/15/2012 15:20Multiplayer9
20062 FeatureNewNormalAdd real water reflectionskondor05/26/2012 15:42Rendering19
74280 BugNewNormalGreen Squares on the aircraft HUD are missing.KooZ03/23/2014 23:49Gameplay0
74279 BugNewNormalCrashing while playing a Scenario causes the Save file to be erased.KooZ03/23/2014 23:47Other0

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