DevHeaven (Only site issues): New: Duplicate ticket status.

Added by kju almost 7 years ago

DH now features a new state called duplicate for future use.
Related issues - duplicate ID has to set separately.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.8 Beta is out

Added by Yoma almost 7 years ago

Mostly fixes for the .yas files (both creation and import)
.yas files allow people to put "their server list" online and then import them via file association.
In order for it to work you need to launch the tool with administrator rights and click the "associate .yas files" button in settings.
(You could also simply add file association in windows manually)
After that you'll be able to doubleclick .yas files and the tool will open an import window for easy server imports.
.yas files can be linked to online, and opening the files in your browser should open the import window.
However, internally the files are xml so webservers will need to handle the mime type or else the files will simply open in your browser as text.
This behaviour can be worked around client side by clicking save as and running the downloaded file.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.7 Beta is out

Added by Yoma almost 7 years ago

Various fixes and new features, check roadmap...

Warface (formerly WACO): Hotfix version 1.1.7b ACE released

Added by Doomguy almost 7 years ago

Some problems with teams becoming unresponsive were introduced in 1.1.7a. They are fixed in 1.1.7b. Download in the Files corner.


  • (ALL) Fixed unreponsive teams.
  • (ALL) Improved unsticking of teams.

DevHeaven (Only site issues): RSS Feeds Guide

Added by kju almost 7 years ago

In case you haven't read it yet,
you are very much encouraged to dive into the world of feeds.

It will make your life more enjoyable!

RSS Feeds Guide

Warface (formerly WACO): New version v1.1.7a ACE released!

Added by Doomguy almost 7 years ago

Finally I got around to releasing a new version of WACO. :-) There is the new stuff from ACE 1.06, some fixes and new features added. Here are the changes:

  • (ALL) AI team members disembark if they detect an enemy unit close by.
  • (ACE) Enabled new ACE 1.05/6 stuff: M2 Bradleys (used by AI teams again), M79 and M32 grenade launchers, M40A3 sniper rifle, RPG7 with PGO7 sight, Makarov SD, SA-9 and M6A1 SAM vehicles (also added to AI defense teams), BMD-1p.
  • (ALL) Added SPON Map -> used for getting correct map grid references and the cool drawing facility.
  • (ACE) New support for ACE 1.06 weapon-on-back feature. Can have primary and secondary weapons in back slot. Gear menu GUI updated.
  • (ALL) Fix for error message (in playerHasRadio.sqf) that popped up when player team-killed.
  • (ALL) Fixed problem where disconnecting players would not result in AI taking over team. Also, AI teams will be the same type depending on their number. So, if you are playing as WEST-C, and you disconnect, AI takes over and turns team into a tank team (default for WEST-C).
  • (ALL) Hopefully fixed the repeating message that enemy base structures where spotted.
  • (ALL) Disabled AI squad leader respawn as team member because it can break AI teams.
  • (ALL) Fixed possible hang of AI teams: sometimes another team member would take over command (unclear why). If that unit would die the script would then hang waiting for that unit to respawn (which it will never do).
  • (ALL) Tweaked probabilities for AI buildings defenses. Fewer search lights and artillery guns, more AT tripods.
  • (ACE) Added more air defenses vehicles to AI base patrol and defense teams.
  • (ALL) Fixes the erroneous use of Exit in SQF, replaced by ExitWith. This might fix some elusive error messages.
  • (ALL) Enabled RACS to use all static defense weapons types.
  • (ACE) Added more defense weapons to towns (ZU-23M, TOW, MK19, SPG9, M240) for RACS to use.
  • (ACE) Added support for russian voices. Set russianVoicesEnabled to true in InitMission.sqf to enable. Disabled by default because it changes the player's name into one of the russian identity. I don't know a work-around for this yet.
  • (ACE) East side now uses Russian flag in camps instead of SLA flag.

Warface (formerly WACO): WACO has a new home!

Added by Doomguy almost 7 years ago

Starting today, WACO development will be hosted here at Dev Heaven. Many thanks to the DH crew for their generous support!


Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.6 Beta is out

Added by Yoma almost 7 years ago

Added some images indicating "server type"
They are very ugly at the moment, but maybe some nice person could make some that aren't.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.5 Beta is out

Added by Yoma almost 7 years ago

Adds file association support (.yas-files)

SPON Recognise: v0.4.0 released

Added by Spooner almost 7 years ago

Extended default view ranges and removed several problems with getting a good LOS.


  • Default maximum range to identify vehicles increased to 3m (was 1m).
  • Recognition of infantry always takes precedence over vehicles, buildings and objects, so that you can now see someone even behind a vehicle or building that you can't see.


  • No longer automatically detects alliances, so ALLIES recognition now acts the same as SIDE (temporarily disabled until better solution found).


  • Helipads, ammo-boxes and dropped equipment completely block LOS, to a vastly greater degree than the model implies [Reported by ATOW players].
  • When standing next to a vehicle, even when not looking directly at it, you will "recognise" that vehicle rather than any other vehicle or infantry you are looking at.
  • Helicopters are detected in a massively larger area than the actual body of them (that is, the "LOS" hitbox is based on the size of the rotors, not the size of the actual helicopter). This error is also found with other vehicles to a lesser extent.

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