OAC Project: 2009-04-23 update is out.

Added by kju about 6 years ago

  • Fixed: OAC RES installer only requires OFP/GOTY.
  • Fixed: Community campaign also visible as PBO.
  • Minor fixed.

Check the OAC Roadmap for details.

  • Get the latest OAC CWC/RES campaign version via the filebase.
  • Update OAC altogether via YAS.

DevHeaven (Only site issues): Read only access to anon users for git/SVN on dev heaven.

Added by kju about 6 years ago

Here you will find the details how to get anon read only access for git and SVN,
for both project managers and anon users.


OAC Project: 2009-04-20 update is out.

Added by kju about 6 years ago

Check the BIF thread for more details.

Foremost the release of OAC CWC and Resistance campaign conversion,
as well as zillion more replacement configs are the highlights.


best regards

Warface (formerly WACO): WACO renamed to Warface

Added by Doomguy about 6 years ago

WACO has a new name: Warface.


- I like it ;-)
- To indicate that I will only develop the ACE branch of this mission from now on. Playing ArmA without ACE just isn't half the fun!

Also, there is a cool new logo:


OAC Project: New addon replacements available

Added by kju about 6 years ago

You find now a total of 71 replacement addons in the repository.
See the readme for download links.

The replacement have be split to single unit replacement to allow
customized sets to your liking.

Pack the folder to pbo for a replacement to be active and have the
respective base addon loaded as well. The second part of the replacement
file contains the filename of the base addon.

Use makepbo with the file type association or use cpbo.

See commit:7c65520854c102c223a97022d0940bfc531e57aa for the list of new replacements.

DevHeaven (Only site issues): HandyLinks

Added by kju about 6 years ago

There is a wiki section that lists various tools to aid in our tasks.

Handy Tools

Please feel free to make suggestions for additions, tips and tricks,
or feedback on usability for the included programs.

by Squelch

Warface (formerly WACO): Release of version 1.1.7c ACE

Added by Doomguy about 6 years ago


I just uploaded a new version of my mission WACO to the Files section. As requested, I added the ACE head bug fix. You can use it by using the radio alpha trigger (0-0-1). Then, I think I solved the elusive problem of disappearing AI squad leaders, and their teams becoming unresponsive. I also made some changes to the GUI that will make it easier to see how many camps you own in a town, and when you are able to capture the town (the town marker becomes yellow). Finally, some small fixes and balance tweaks.

Have fun!


Here is the full changelog:

  • (ALL) Town supply value marker extended with number of camps
    captured. Also, the marker turns yellow if your side has enough
    camps to capture the town.
  • (ALL) Prevented factory icons to be drawn when camp capture bar is
    up. This should reduce the flashing of the camp capture bar.
  • (ACE) T72A and M60A3 prices changed to 3500.
  • (ACE) Added ACE head bug fix (use radio alpha).
  • (ALL) AI leader respawning re-worked (again). Should prevent teams
    from breaking when leaders went unconscious (ACE). Leader respawn
    as team member enabled again, should increase AI efficiency.
  • (ALL) AICOMBATFORMATIONRANGE constant added. Default set to 500.
  • (ACE) Fix: Rucksacks in player's second weapon position were being
    counted as field radios.
  • (ALL) AI leaders could be unable to move when switched back from
    independent air team type.

DevHeaven (Only site issues): New: Duplicate ticket status.

Added by kju about 6 years ago

DH now features a new state called duplicate for future use.
Related issues - duplicate ID has to set separately.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.8 Beta is out

Added by Yoma about 6 years ago

Mostly fixes for the .yas files (both creation and import)
.yas files allow people to put "their server list" online and then import them via file association.
In order for it to work you need to launch the tool with administrator rights and click the "associate .yas files" button in settings.
(You could also simply add file association in windows manually)
After that you'll be able to doubleclick .yas files and the tool will open an import window for easy server imports.
.yas files can be linked to online, and opening the files in your browser should open the import window.
However, internally the files are xml so webservers will need to handle the mime type or else the files will simply open in your browser as text.
This behaviour can be worked around client side by clicking save as and running the downloaded file.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.7 Beta is out

Added by Yoma about 6 years ago

Various fixes and new features, check roadmap...

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