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Added by Sickboy about 8 years ago

Dear ArmA 2 community,

We would like to introduce you to a cooperation established at DevHeaven, between different mods and developers, including:
SPON, ACE, former SIX and Killswitch.

The mod will consist out of core components that will form the backbone of (until now) SPON and ACE projects,
while hoping on a more community-wide acceptance, much as the original Extended Eventhandlers did with Armed Assault.

The first implementation of the mod will provide: Extended Eventhandlers, a Functions and Macros library, Key Handlers and Full MP Compatibility.
The past weeks we have been working very hard on defining the framework and tools we would use to accomplish the mod.

Together with the excellent DevHeaven developer environment and connected devs, we are nearing completion.
We welcome anyone to supply feedback or join in on this cooperative project.

DevHeaven (Only site issues): DevHeaven Official Launch

Added by Spooner about 8 years ago

A new community site delivering services tailored for developers, their projects and user-base

DevHeaven is a place to learn, share, discuss and collaborate:

  • Project Spaces: Request a workspace for any of your ArmA or ArmA 2 projects, large or small, public or private. This gives file and repository hosting as well as forums, a wiki and an issue tracking system for your project.
  • Forums: Discuss your ArmA 2 finds, express your thoughts about development topics, find interested people, let others review your code and much more in our forums.

So, after about 6 months of preparations and testing, we are proud to present you DevHeaven. The project has evolved under the lead of kju and Sickboy, together with the help of Spooner, Squelch, Vigilante and our ever-growing community. We all hope you, and your project's fans, will enjoy the service!

If you have problems, or requests to improve the site or any public projects, please share them with us.

See you soon at DevHeaven!

DevHeaven (Only site issues): Improved DevHeaven site design

Added by kju about 8 years ago

Thanks to Spooner, Squelch, Vigilante and Sickboy
the site design is much improved.

Please check out the changes and leave your feedback
in the DevHeaven issue tracker.

All changes found in closed website tickets and
resolved/wip website tickets.

Still some more tweaks ahead, yet the release of DevHeaven
is getting closer every commit!

SPON Map: SPON Map v0.7.0

Added by Spooner about 8 years ago

  • Much more intuitive interface with more tooltips.
  • New dynamic notepad.
  • New digital clock and digital compass windows.
  • Line thickness settings and lines stay at a constant width at any zoom level.
  • Many other new features added and old bugs fixed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is not compatible with Arma 2, but will be the last version for Arma 1, barring hot-fixes, before I port to Arma 2.
  • [[Manual|Online manual]]
  • [[Features]] (recommended so you know how to use the new features and probably some old features you never knew about!).
  • Download

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.15 Beta is out

Added by Yoma about 8 years ago

Lots of fixes to improve Arma2 compatibility!
-query arma2 servers
-launch arma2

DevHeaven (Only site issues): Ticket voting up and running

Added by Sickboy about 8 years ago

  • DevHeaven now supports vote tickets to mark the ones with importance.
  • The site design and structure was improved a lot in the past few days.
    Please share your feedback for any remaining issues.
  • DevHeaven will go live very soon.

Addon Sync 2009: 1.0.14 Beta is out

Added by Yoma about 8 years ago

•Bug #562: Path to TS2.exe is not looked up and verified.
•Bug #1519: Mods to use for launch - groupbox positioning
•Bug #1537: Launch external application in combination with Teamspeak didn't work
•Feature #1538: Launch dialog remembers last selected modstring.

Warface (formerly WACO): Warface v1.1.8a released

Added by Doomguy about 8 years ago

A small bugfixing release for Warface v1.1.8. Download in the Files section.

Here are the changes:

  • Re-arranged HK416,417 and SCAR variants.
  • Fix for player not being squad leader sometimes after respawn.
  • Fast travel to base destination further away from HQ and safer placement.
  • When AI constructs HQ all vehicles close to the site are moved further out.
  • Soldiers should no longer spawn at town depot after purchases from barracks using radio.
  • Script now picks up all radios under basic east and west radio types.
  • AI Teams can now safely be disabled upon mission start (in lobby).
  • Fix for stuck team AI after player left game on dedicated server.
  • Unit additions:
    WEST: Added more USSF LSRD units, and better AI team composition.
    EAST: Replaced SpetzNatz by VDV Recon units, AI team also uses BMD-1p.
  • Fixed problem where sidearm ammo cost was not counted.
  • Included cost of items in their tooltips.
  • Improved AI embarking behavior. AI will issue fewer orders causing less confusion.
  • AI teams no longer go in stag. column formation near small towns.
  • AI teams disembark further away from known enemies.
  • AI targets hostile units and structures more consistently.
  • Better AI out of formation handling.
  • Moved equipment (bino, nv, laser and parachute pack) to misc section in gear menu.
  • Sorted out hinds: Mi24D $7000, Mi24P & Mi24V $9000. AI uses D and V variants.

OAC Project: OFP Mission Editing Competition missions available

Added by kju about 8 years ago

You can find the following SP missions and on MP CTF mission in
the dev repository:

  • Black Thunder
  • ChinookDown
  • DeepCoast
  • Defensive Strike v2
  • Everon Transport 2
  • RR
  • Volcano
  • CTF vs. AI Houdan (MP CTF with AI)

If they fun and once the missions are well playable,
we will get permission for public release.

Play testing some of them worked fine and yet some may need tweaking.
Please report any problems on the OAC issue tracker.


Warface (formerly WACO): Warface v1.1.8 released!

Added by Doomguy about 8 years ago

Hi all!

Warface 1.1.8 is here, on the same day as the ACE release this time ;-) Download in the Files section.

Here is the changelog:

  • Added ACE 1.08 stuff: Hinds, RPG29 and disposable weapons fixed
    (RPG22, 27, LAW and M136).
  • Rewrote main AI script in SQF. Should fix most problems there were
    with the AI.
  • Replaced A10 in WEST air AI team by AV8B with AGM65.
  • Improved AI commander base building: better factory placement and HQ is walled in.
  • Town marker now shows if player is capable of buying gear (G),
    defenses (D), or structures (S) at camps and depots. This depends
    on the supply level of the town. G & D require 20, S requires 50.
  • Soldiers can no longer be purchased at town depot. (But factories
    can be constructed in towns if enough supply (50)).
  • Bug gave player access to radio with (normal) rucksack on back.
  • Added tooltips to the gear menu: hovering over the image of
    weapons/ammo will show you the exact type in a tooltip.
  • Added large walls to construction menu.
  • Fixed map coords in messages on dedicated server.
  • Fixed broken re-arm script.
  • Ammo fixes: SD/subsonic ammo for silenced weapons. Should not
    disappear because ammo base classes are now being used
    properly. Removed tracer/non-tracer variants of MG ammo.
  • Formation/combat mode adaptation by AI teams. If they are within a
    town they assume STAG. COLUMN formation, on open ground WEDGE, and
    in transit COLUMN. If no enemy is known, they are on SAFE behavior,
    known but far away AWARE, and known and close COMBAT.
  • Made team member selection in gear menu robust to team members
    leaving/entering within 25 radius of player. Previously, the
    selected team member would jump back to the player everytime some
    AI moved away/toward the player - very annoying indeed.

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