DevHeaven (Only site issues): DevHeaven moves to

Added by kju almost 2 years ago

We planned to switch at a later time with an updated page template and Redmine upgrade,
but the SSL cert expiration forced us to do it now on very short notice.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Please adjust the hostname for git: to to

In simple terms replace by

You can update either manually by editing the .git/config file in a text editor
or by using: git set-url origin ....newhost...

Make sure to accept the SSH key of the server once!

If you have any troubles, please contact our support ASAP.

Iron Front in Arma - Issue Tracker: Iron Front in Arma - The easy way

Added by kju almost 2 years ago

We have worked very hard to reduce the complexity for the Iron Front in Arma setup process as much as possible.
Finally we can present you the result. Learn more at the Play withSIX blog.

Iron Front in Arma - Issue Tracker: 2014-01-01 update available for IFA3

Added by kju almost 2 years ago

  • Fixed: Tank sound is incredibly loud.
  • Fixed: Error message at German Campaign init.
  • Fixed: Omaha map has Polish placenames after conversion (A3 only for now).

You can get more details by checking the links in the roadmap.

The download is available in the files section or will be downloaded automatically for Play withSIX users.

FreeDee (a free 3D Editor): First Alpha released [V 0.02]

Added by HeliJunkie almost 2 years ago

Release a first alpha version.

You can download it under the files tab.

ArmA 3: ALiVE: ALiVE Mod - Alpha Baseline Rel 0.5.1

Added by almost 2 years ago
The next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3

Developed by the team that brought you Multi Session Operations (MSO), the Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) is an easy to use modular mission framework that provides everything players and mission makers need to quickly set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario, including command, combat support, service support, logistics and more.

Main Features

ALiVE features the revolutionary Virtual Profile System that supports thousands of units operating simultaneously across the map with minimal impact on performance. Unlike older caching systems, Virtual AI groups will continue to move, operate and fight and will seamlessly spawn into the visual game world when players are in range.

ALiVE identifies key military, industrial and civilian installations automatically for any map. It uses an advanced, multi-layered AI Operational Command structure which assesses the strategic, operational and tactical situation across the battlespace, analyses the relative strengths of enemy and friendly forces and issues missions accordingly. The result is a fluid, dynamic and credibly realistic battlefield as forces modelled on real world Combined Arms doctrines fight for key objectives.

The second generation Persistent Campaign system is still work in progress but will automatically retain mission critical data on an external database without any user installations required - no need for complicated MySQL databases, it is all handled completely automatically! Alpha: The current release has an interim player persistence module in place.

ALiVE have created and fully integrated the War Room, which tracks operations in near-realtime and provides powerful analytical tools to review every kill and every shot fired. Registration for the War Room will be opening soon.

ALiVE also provides a variety of popular Player Support utilities such as an integrated Support Radio Suite for AI controlled Combat and Combat Service Support, View Distance, AI Skill and Multispawn Manager. Alpha provides basic functionality and more options will be added in due course.

The intuitive, easy to use modular framework means mission making with ALiVE is quick and easy, even if you have never opened the editor before. Simply place modules down and play. ALiVE can be used completely stand alone or as part of more complex missions and scripts.

This addon is released under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
You may share this addon with others as long as you credit the original authors. You are NOT permitted to edit, tweak or change the addon in any way without explicit permission from the authors.
You are permitted to download and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the authors.

OssiWarsPublic: Erster Absprung

Added by Hatchet_Harry about 2 years ago

Der erste AirSpawn Absprung wurde heute getätigt.
Melde: Gebrochene Beine, aber sonst alles OK :-)

OssiWarsPublic: OssiWars nimmt Formen an

Added by Hatchet_Harry about 2 years ago

Genaue Features können erst später bekannt gegeben werden. Ich möchte euch nicht heiß machen und dann an technischen Limitierungen scheitern.
Ein einfaches Beispiel:
Der AirSpawn sollte ursprünglich frei gestaltet werden. Man bestimmt selbst, ob man auf halber Strecke abspringt oder am Ziel ins Getümmel fällt.
Leider hätte dieses nette Feature sehr viele Fehlerquellen produziert. Daher musste ich den "einfachen" Weg wählen.

Naja... es sollte ja Verbesserungspotential bestehen.
Technisch ist die Sache auch nicht ohne, daher musste ich einfach mal nen Schritt zurück machen. Ich hoffe die Perfektion später trotzdem noch zu erreichen.
Hoffentlich patchen die BIS Leute nun Arma nicht mehr so kaputt, wie in der Beta.

Soviel sei gesagt:
Es gibt verschiedene Gebietsarten.
Es gibt verschiedene Shops.
Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten um Wege zu verkürzen, wobei jede Vor- und Nachteile hat.
Es gibt die Möglichkeit komplett eigene Basen zu bauen und diese in die Map zu integrieren.
Der Spieler entscheidet ob seine Basis ein strategisches Ziel sein soll, oder ob sie einen Rückzugspunkt darstellt. Je wichtiger die Basis für den Gegner wird, umso mehr Vorteile genießt der Spieler.
Sich verbunkern bringt also weniger Vorteile, als sich ins Weltgeschehen einzumischen.


DMC Air Patrol: Update

Added by DemonCleaner about 2 years ago

An update is available. Version is v1.3 now. Enjoy!

DMC Air Patrol: Update

Added by DemonCleaner about 2 years ago

No need to specify the current game world name as parameter anymore. I feel kinda useless that I didn't spot worldName the first time I was looking into this ... Anyway script has been updated to v1.2. Enjoy!

DMC Air Patrol: Update

Added by DemonCleaner about 2 years ago

As per request the number of patrolling vehicles can now be specified as a parameter. Actually I've changed things around quite a bit. The script is now pre compiled on init and thus can be used as a function and be called when needed. I've also changed the way vehicle respawns are handled. If a patrol vehicle is destroyed it will now automatically spawn a new vehicle automatically after a configurable timer runs out. The init.sqf has changed quite a bit as well but it's all well commented so the transition if you've used the old version should be easy enough. The link in the first post has been updated.

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