Welcome to our new developers

Progress has been made, expect the good news very soon, and give a warm welcome to our new developers, which have made the insurgency mission project rise up again, rewritten from scratch for Arma 3
Added by Jastreb about 2 years ago

Every since I took over this project I have been in constant struggle, trying to find the right people which will help make this mission shine as it used to be in now as previously announced EOL Arma2, which we all loved so much.

The struggle has given the result, and as always as it is with life, it comes when you least expect it.

So please welcome our new developers, Outlawz7 and Ruthberg which have made a great progress, rewriting this mission from ground zero, leaving nothing behind, ruthlessly squashing bugs and creating new experience for generations to come.

I will keep things as short as possible and just say that very soon community will have a new mission to play, reviving some old memories, since we have striven to make every core feature from arma 2 version work in arma 3 ( minus civilians sorry ) out of the box. As a bonus, mission will be hosted on Github, and will be open source, so anyone can fork and build it up for his own needs. However it will have some rights reserved, but nothing to worry about.

More about it when its done, but as I said it should not take too long.

Current status:

  • A3 version has its code base rewritten from scratch, and we are adding some old features;

Thanks for reading.


*contact me via email: jastreb[at]armasrbija[dot]rs or find me on ts3.armasrbija.rs ( Jastreb )