Fireball has left the Battlefield, project ressurection

Fireball has retreated. Insurgency needs a new blood and hopefully we can resurrect it to be even better. A2 version reached EOL.
Added by Jastreb over 2 years ago

Why not revive Insurgency? Anyone interested and willing to contribute *contact me , I would love to hear your ideas.

My intention is to port/rework entire mission and make it work in Arma3 as it used to work in A2CO/ACE, and make it as close as possible to **Project Reality original insurgency.

We can make this a joint effort and perhaps start something new here.

For a start, entire code base needs to be redone and new mechanisms implemented. ALICE and SILVIE are gone, UPS from Kronzky needs to be updated, AI spawning/caching needs to be looked into. No FAS/BC module so we needs a workaround for medical treatment, wounding, and revival. AGM or XMS2 comes to mind, but I would love to keep mod dependency on the very low level.

We also need a banner and a few cool textures for the mission, so dont hesitate to make one, and send it my way.

In the end we can make it a join effort of the award winning Project Reality team and release it under a PR label (see PR Forum topic).

Fireball left the battlefield, pogoman is long gone, I dont know where Kol9yn is, but Ive spoken to Fireball and he handed over entire project to me. So lads, lets get this done.

For a start I need coders to join me, so we can make a base code up and running in A3. Then we can work on other systems. Intention is to make this a huge TvT mission, but I would like to have a Coop version also for the ones not liking PvP elements.

Current status:

  • A3 version is broken and not working (made in Alpha days);
  • A2 version reaches EOL and will not be updated;

Thanks for reading.


*contact me via email: jastreb[at]armasrbija[dot]rs or find me on ( Jastreb )
** Project Reeality is currently not afiliated with this project, and I had no intention of abusing their trademarks here


Added by SavageCDN over 2 years ago

This is great news!!

While I am no coder I would like to help out if possible. Tons of experience in the A2 version.. more so in the A2 ACE ports. We still run an A2 Insurgency vanilla server. Can provide a decent player base and server/TS for testing, etc.

Please continue with a COOP/PvP version (ie: options to enable OPFOR slots.. max of 4 or so)... although interested in seeing a full TvT version as well.

Added by fedaykinwolf about 2 years ago

PLEASE do it, I can only offer testing cause I can not code...

Just simple please try

Added by Jastreb about 2 years ago

We are currently working on it, and once we have a fully working solution you will hear about it.

I wont break any spoilers, but we are close to making vanilla a2 insurgency working in a3 1/1, minus some arcadish stuff, and no support for players on opfor yet.

Stay tuned.

For now just look at the list of developers :)

Added by SavageCDN about 2 years ago

That is great news Jastreb. Please contact me if you want some testing done.. we still run a populated A2 Insurgency server. Same username on BIS forums or Steam.

Added by PITN almost 2 years ago

While I have had some partial success in a port to A3 it is far from release. So far I only have the MHQ and vehicles spawning correctly and I'm afraid some other elements are beyond my skill level. Currently I cannot get the script to properly count the AI per player and stop spawning more. Also, I find that time to work on it is in short supply.

My only requests are that the foundation of the mission remains true to the simplicity and openness of the original mission. What I mean by that is the mission, at least at it's core, be free of mods and support ARMA 3 in it's vanilla state. The second request is that what made INSURGENCY great was the teamwork component. It was just the right amount of balance between a punishment for taking risk but not overbearing in it's implementation.

I am not against any mods. But when I was new to ARMA it was pogoman's Insurgency that taught me more about ARMA than any other mission. I think that Insurgency should continue to be that gateway into the ARMA-verse.

Added by Jastreb almost 2 years ago

You can always join the team and put your skills to test and some good use of ;)

Worry not though, we will not steer away from the core. I myself am a PR mod player first, loved insurgency back in the days and I still do, and then I got into armaverse and discovered it again. I know pretty well what temawork is and a dedication. If you played PR tourneys then you should know as well. Now arma is a clunky by nature and I cant recreate PR BF2 in it, but I will at least try to.

Last bit is the Insurgency part. Insurgency is not about suicide bombers, ragheads nor, yanks in Afghanistan, I know they get hard on that, but Insurgency is much more than that. And I hope I can explain what it is trough this mission. For the time being we will try hard to make the core work right in a3, then we will take care of the rest. And of course if you have anything else to add to it, you can always collaborate with us once its live on github, or you can fork it and adjust it for yourself.

I will keep you guys up to date, here and on bi forums. You can find me on ACE3 public slack if you have any further questions.