Fixes for 2014-12-27 update

Added by kju over 2 years ago

  1. Download and apply the DLC patch again.
  2. If you are an IF LITE users, get the hotfix.

More details in this thread.


Added by studabakahawk over 2 years ago

Hi Thanks for all the effort to bring if to the world. anyone who knows history knows the GreatestWar (WW2) was fought in the East. It was an Epic greater than any that had come before.Thank you for giving me the chance to step into history.
can you tell me if this game will run with 7870 cf set up ?. I about to install if44 over aRMA 3 amd cant wait to meet Ivan in the stepp.

Added by kju over 2 years ago

Sorry for the late reply!

Best use the IF fan forums for such questions (link in the wiki).