Warface v1.1.8a released

Added by Doomguy over 7 years ago

A small bugfixing release for Warface v1.1.8. Download in the Files section.

Here are the changes:

  • Re-arranged HK416,417 and SCAR variants.
  • Fix for player not being squad leader sometimes after respawn.
  • Fast travel to base destination further away from HQ and safer placement.
  • When AI constructs HQ all vehicles close to the site are moved further out.
  • Soldiers should no longer spawn at town depot after purchases from barracks using radio.
  • Script now picks up all radios under basic east and west radio types.
  • AI Teams can now safely be disabled upon mission start (in lobby).
  • Fix for stuck team AI after player left game on dedicated server.
  • Unit additions:
    WEST: Added more USSF LSRD units, and better AI team composition.
    EAST: Replaced SpetzNatz by VDV Recon units, AI team also uses BMD-1p.
  • Fixed problem where sidearm ammo cost was not counted.
  • Included cost of items in their tooltips.
  • Improved AI embarking behavior. AI will issue fewer orders causing less confusion.
  • AI teams no longer go in stag. column formation near small towns.
  • AI teams disembark further away from known enemies.
  • AI targets hostile units and structures more consistently.
  • Better AI out of formation handling.
  • Moved equipment (bino, nv, laser and parachute pack) to misc section in gear menu.
  • Sorted out hinds: Mi24D $7000, Mi24P & Mi24V $9000. AI uses D and V variants.