New release for Arma 3: 0.90

Finally we got around to release a A3 version on Stratis!
Added by Fireball about 4 years ago

Finally we got all major bugs ironed out for A3 and I decided to release a version 0.90 for A3 Stratis without some of the past features, due to some game engine issues for A3 Alpha yet.

Known issues
- Error pop-up: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons. - during respawn (only once per player and game)
- Error pop-up: Cannot load texture a3\air_f\data\mi48_rocket_co.paa. - when you blow a cache (only once per player and game)
Both errors/warnings probably due to some A3 Alpha data faults.

- Fireball & Kol9yN

Get the file from the "Files" section (scroll to the bottom).