Version .85 Released!!

Next version. Includes gameplay updates, along with a few bugs.
Added by Craig_VG over 5 years ago

Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .85 Release

Third beta release of my mission. Focus was on gameplay, but all known bugs were fixed. The past 2 releases have been lacking in this important element. Put it this way: I got scared playing this new version a few times.

What's fixed?
Focus on gameplay. With the right weather and fog settings, along with view distance this can be quite scary now.
I added some tasks, but the sidemissions are still planned for next version, which will focus on goals. This version redid a lot from a weapon an vehicle perspective also, they are a lot more customizable. I tweaked the default parameters also.

Once you load (if you are server) a loadscreen will appear. Wait until that is done, then wait until the task appears in your list. The longer you wait in the mapscreen the less chance of anything getting messed up, but that chance is a lot less likely now. Fasttime was added so you can experience the whole day in a shorter time. Its a parameter if you don't like it.


Bug #27532: Weapons were not selected at mission start
Bug #27534: The helicopter's location was not clarified
Bug #27538: Players were not spawning in the right town
Bug #27540: JIP players spawned right next to players already ingame
Feature #27530: Weather Options
Feature #27531: View distance options
Feature #27533: Fastime option
Feature #27535: Option to remove task location
Feature #27536: A task that provides no escape, open ended
Feature #27539: Redid weapon spawning
Feature #27559: Added amount of weapons paramter
Feature #27560: Create a condition of vehicles paramter
Feature #27565: Weapons based on type
Task #27537: Added more shotguns
Task #27541: OA weapons added
Default Island is now takistan, but that can be changed by just changing the .takistan to another mapname

Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V.85

Thanks to:

All beta testers
Celery - Excellent Zombies
VVC team - Constant support and help

Got bugs???