New campaign conversions available

Added by kju about 8 years ago

Thanks to Mopar and kju, you can find 7 more excellent campaigns
in the dev repository!

  • BackToKolgujew
  • Brothers_in_Arms
  • DeltaOps1_1.22
  • MikerosEditorPack1V1.2
  • MikerosMissionPack1V1.3
  • TooYoungToDie
  • YankieStalker (most likely missing addons)

They are probably partially non functional and need tweaking.
Please report any problems on the OAC issue tracker.


Also thanks to Mikero the all-in-one OFP_Editor addon
is available for OAC
It is a port of the famous editor103.pbo from OFP that
put all community editor addons in one.