Kol9yn joined project Insurgency

Already a while ago Kol9yn (pronounced Koldun) joined project Insurgency.
Added by Fireball over 5 years ago

Kol9yn offered to do a workable ACE port and also brought very much enthusiasm for the Insurgency project.

I had to and will still have to guide him and manage the project further, but due to personal family life and other great things in the world which have more priority, I won't be actively coding a lot for Insurgency anymore, hence I'm glad I've got some support and new blood with Kol9yn!

Everyone give Kol9yn a heartily welcome!

Of course we will still happily accept other contributors.


Added by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Thanks Fireball ;)!
2011 year open new ways and doors for me in my life and help improve my knowlendges in poetry(Im PHP coder) ;)! Code is poetry, and good poetry must touch souls of peoples...
How you know I always have unique ideas and features for Ins, and always wish improve this my lovely project!

I belive, we can make Arma game more better togather with community and for community! :)

Thanks for all who motivate me and assist with some specifics with Arma syntax! You good guys!

I look to the future with eyes wide open and optimistichnŃ–m mood, wish realse big lot of planed features for Insurgency and continue maintain this mission in Arma 3!

Thanks for BIS of Arma and community for the use of this mission!
To all - have a nice 2012 year and I wish that all your dearest dreams come true!!!
Follow Us ;)!