Close Assault v0.4 Update

Added by TheCaptain about 8 years ago

The Close Assault project is now public and available for browsing. I've been spending what free time I have on coding, so I haven't uploaded files, documents, put together the wiki, or assembled the FAQ yet. The repository will be available (and linked into the changelogs) sometime next week.

The last major portions I have to code before v0.4 can be properly tested are the spectating interface, the debriefing screen, and the in game briefing and 'how to play' descriptions. Before a public release, I plan to improve the teamswitch code (especially within vehicles), the sector capturing code (right now captures are instant), and write a scoreboard replacement so those playing can have quick updates about the other players and map status (time left, players, sector status, etc). There are also a few odds and ends to be worked out, but most major systems are in place. I'm waiting on some new computer hardware to design the 'real' maps as all my testing has been done on ramahdi, the only island my poor macbook can load. As I've stated in a few places, I've been working on exams, but I'll probably be able to finish most of the remaining items before the end of the month, and get both private and public test versions out.

(As a bit of a bonus, last night I coded a scripted manual mortar system which will make its way into the first release (hopefully). Executing a proper assault or defense requires some indirect fire or suppression, and as I've been putting off the off-map support options, I wanted to see how players would do with indirect firepower at their fingertips, without the simplicity of a map-click-boom system. Using an invisible Mk19 or Ags-30 duct taped to the back of an M113 or BMP HQ, the player can maneuver the mortar into place and manually aim the launcher using the mouse to select the correct elevation and bearing to hit a grid square (appx. target location is updated in real time, as well as needed bearing and distance to hit a map-selected point). The shell is fired from the launcher at the correct trajectory, making for realistic flight path and flight time. The mortar is effective between 100m and 3000m, and is accurate to within about 10m with a blast radius of ~20m (D30 or M119 shells), flight time of 30-45 seconds, and credits kills and rating to the gunner. Almost unfair, in practice.)