2009-05-03 update is out.

Added by kju about 8 years ago

  • Bug #1209: New P85 units need OAC replacement config because P85 pbo's have new names
  • Bug #1219: Land chopper in ULOTC 11 Border Defence mission
  • Bug #1234: Removed dependency of CWR_UI in 'oac_c_cwr_compatibility'
  • Feature #1178: Allow HTTP browsing and download of the OAC/ACEIP repository.
  • Task #1199: Test OAC p85 replacements with latest release.
  • Task #1233: Remove outdated VILE/VILW replacement.

Check the OAC Roadmap for details.

  • Get the latest OAC CWC/RES campaign version via the filebase.
  • Update OAC altogether via YAS.