A2WarMod 1.4 Patch / Rebuild Released

The Patch and rebuild are complete and have been released!
Added by gunter about 6 years ago


Full and Patch v 1.4
Gentlemen Latest versions of A2WarMod has been released, the following are the links:

A2WarMod Full v 1.4
If you are downloading the mod for the first time

A2WarMod Patch v 1.4
If you have A2WarMod already and Patched to v 1.3

A2WarMod Patch v 1.4 Mirror

A2WarMod is a Compilation Mod of different addons & mods that aims to add, fix, enhance, alter many effects, and gameplay aspects of Arma 2.
This is the Full version which includes all fixes applied from previous versions!

  • Gravel road speed
  • Andy mags - Ammo Object Replacement
  • ASR Grenadier Fix
  • ASR Disable Cursor Text
  • Anti-tank Launcher vs. Infantry Fix
  • Ballistics
  • Scopes
  • Muzzlevelocity
  • BC6 Feelings
  • Driving AI fix
  • Dynamic Shouts
  • Fixed Range Nightvision
  • GDT Mod Binocular
  • GDT Mod Car MG Zoom
  • GDT Mod Flares
  • GDT Mod Javelin
  • GDT Mod Plants
  • GDT Mod Rifle zoom
  • GDT Mod Satchel
  • GDT Mod Under-slung Grenade Launcher sights
  • GDT Mod Grass
  • GDT Mod anti tank & grenade launcher ironsights
  • Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills
  • Mi-24 "radar" and targeting fix
  • PROPER Projects
  • Radio Discipline
  • TBR Grenades A2
  • VF Ladder
  • Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular
  • Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI)
  • BD MultiGunFix
  • AT GUI Pack
  • GLT Aerial Weapons Replacement Pack
  • Night lighting effects
  • LandTex
  • JTD FireAndSmoke
  • WarFX Particles
  • WarFX Tracers
  • AH64 Apache Nose Gun Modification
  • zGuba Gameplay Modifications
  • ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
  • GDT Mod HDR
  • AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
  • Pistolfied's Tracers
  • 642 faces unlocked
  • SAP clutter
  • ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
  • ShackTac Movement addons
  • Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
  • MBG Creationism
  • AC130 Script Addon
  • SLX mod
  • Streamlined Radio
  • Map Plus
    and many more!

@A2WarMod----------> (Put into your Main ARMA2 directory Folder)
Keys----------------------> (Put into your Main ARMA2 directory Folder)
userconfig--------------> (Put into your Main ARMA2 directory Folder)

Target Line setup:

-nosplash -world=empty -mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@A2WarMod

Code Notes:
-nosplash - Skips intro screens
-world=empty - 'empty' will disable island loading for quicker start up.

Useing other mods with WARMOD:
Any other mod that you want to use with Warmod put the mod in
your target line after @WarMod like below, example:

-nosplash -world=empty -mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@A2WarMod;@othermods

- added SLX mod
- added Streamlined Radio
- added WarMod Loading screen
- updated AC130 Script Addon
- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- updated JTD FireAndSmoke
- updated Ballistics
- updated Scopes
- updated Muzzlevelocity
- updated Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
- updated GLT Aerial Weapons Replacement Pack
- updated/fix Zeus AI - wrong file setup for Arma2 alone
- removed RMM_AI_Range as Zeus AI already has AI with range
removed Dynamic Sound System RC1 - ( prevented added sound mods from properly working)
- removed Tracked Vehicles Sound Module- ( prevented added sound mods from properly working that are specific to tracked vehicles)
- removed gtmod flares- (as they failed to work in relation with certain mods)
- removed/change RMM_noMapTex and added Map Plus instead
- removed Armormaster-med -(conflicted with SLX and spammed rpt)

- updated ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- updated ShackTac Movement
- added Mechanized Infantry Tactics Addon
- added MBG Creationism
- added AC130 Script Addon
- updated Dynamic Shouts

- added ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)
- added ShackTac Movement
- added AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's
- added Pistolfied's Tracers
- added ASR Grenadier Fix
- added ASR AI Rearming
- added 642 faces unlocked
- added RMM_AI_Range
- added SAP clutter
- added Dynamic Shouts

- fixed a couple of errors
- added a missing file
- etc
- Removed DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gameplay and UnlimitedTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesToAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_PROPER as they prevented the UH1 Venom from showing in the editor