Army SF released!

US SF units in Multicam
Added by AnimalMother92 about 6 years ago

Released @ BIF

Binkowski wrote:

As the title says, these guys are multicam SF. Yeah, for once I actually did some multicam units. Mainly because everyone stopped asking me to make them. So, take a hint douchebags. Anyway, there's six dudes that are modeled after US Army Special Forces ODA's. The units names (ala 18E, 18D etc.) are the MOS of the those guys. Don't like it? Tough shit. Oh, I added fourbackpacks that follow the ArmA2 backpack system thing in Operation Arrowhead. I'm sure later I'll have to remove them because of people who don't own Arrowhead, but oh well. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The Communications Pack functions as a UAV pack, so yeah. Two replacement packs are included, one for regular and one for ACE. I don't care if the multicam swatch is out of date. You want good multicam units, how about you make them?

Download units

Le demo mission

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