SPY bStats 1-0-0 Demo Mission Release

Initial release of SPY bStats. Please note this has not yet undergone significant MP testing ... yet.
Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago

HOTFIX 0259 EST 12 MAR 2011

Download Link:



  • JDAM Multiplayer Code Broadcast (included)
  • JDAM Functions (included)
  • MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink (included)


  1. Copy the lines from the included init.sqf into your mission's init.sqf.
  2. Copy the included mission folders (SPY, JDAM, MHJ) in your mission's directory.


  • Track Infantry Kills (Instant, Damage Based, Victim in Vehicle)
  • Track Player Deaths
  • Track Player Suicides
  • Track Infantry/ Vehicle Team Kills (Instant, Damage Based, From Vehicle, Victim in Vehicle)
  • Track Vehicle Kills
  • Track Kill Assists
  • Track Aircraft Crashes
  • Track Civilian Casualities (Suggested by Ugly58)
  • Track Side Kills/ Deaths
  • Mission Persistent by Default (Meaning stats not saved after end of mission, but players can leave and rejoin during mission)
  • Write Statistics to RPT (See Map Board)
  • Vehicle Side Tracking (Get in enemy vehicle and it now belongs to your side)


  • MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink is a PROTOTYPE and is missing required lua scripts (so it has no functionality other then writing to the rpt)
  • SPY bStats requires MP testing and abuse. Please feel free to break and and let me know how to reproduce the event.
  • Need a dialog for the check score action
  • Civilian casualities work with AI, nothing else will by design (kills, deaths, side death, etc)


  • Spyder: bStats, demo mission, JDAM scripting
  • Mahuja: ArmA 2 Uplink, JDAM scripting
  • Goschie: JDAM scripting

Thanks Goschie and Mahuja for your hard work and helping me learn A2Script!