UPSMON 5.0.9 Released

Added by Rafalsky almost 6 years ago

all changes since v5.0.8

      - "noveh" - the group will not search for vehicles (untill in fight and only for combat vehicles). (code improved by: Nordin)
      - Counter of civilians killed by players (array): KILLED_CIV_COUNTER [Total, by West, by East, by Resistance, the Killer] (works with civilians placed in editor or spawned by UPSMON)
      - When player kills a civilian display globalchat info WHO (Player) did it. In "Init_UPSMON.sqf" R_WHO_IS_CIV_KILLER_INFO = 1, Set O to disable this feature.                
      - Add UPSMON version info in DEBUG display.  

      - CBA is NOT required any more !
      - Turning off ACE Wounds is now optional. (see Init_UPSMON.sqf to set it ON or OFF)  
      - Solved bug: Self wounds or friendly fire is treated as damages made by the enemy forces. (NOTE: If the killer is not recognize, AI will use smoke)    
      - Solved bug: MON_HeliStuckcontrol runs too often as bad speed read.
      - Improved: Combat behaviour (now in close distance AI often in COMBAT mode) 
      - Improved: Stuck control for vehicles and units.
      - Improved: Respawn for vehicles (multiple times vehicle respawn allowed)      
      - First parameter coud be Unit or Group. (Make sure when the script starts such GROUP's leader or the UNIT is present 100%).  
      - Improved Artillery module (code improved by: shay_gman)    
      - Change: armor vehicles using limited speed no matter range when placed directly from editor with default crew. Now the speed depends on the distance to the new targetpos ( Demonized)
      - Fixed small code bugs: ex: {exit=true;}; should be: {_exit=true;};
      - Solved bug: Respawn for vehicles not working. ( Demonized)
      - Solved bug 99%: reinforcement AI after getting out of the combat vehicle, often the vehicle did not move.    ( seba1976)

      - HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1 added to bugged vehicles for Vanilia players.