Debut Release!

Here are a selection of island demo missions with improved BIS Ambient modules.
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This is the debut release of the BIS Module Improvement Project. This BIS MIP project is a drop-in replacement of the BIS Editor Modules including bug fixes and improvements to the code, while ensuring that the original functionality remains intact.

Demo Missions

The download found here:
It contains demo missions of the improved BIS Ambient modules, all dedicated server tested.

Islands include:
  • Chernarus
  • Utes
  • Takistan
  • Zargabad
  • Cicada
  • Qom Province
  • Lingor
  • Isla Duala, and
  • Podagorsk

Module Improvements

Improvments to the modules are:

Ambient Animals
  • Added random roosters to the mix of hens
  • Added BIS_Animals_Debug variable for marker visibility
  • Reduced spawn radius to improve MP performance
  • Re-enabled to be dedicated server compatible
  • Added bis_alice_emptydoor code for A2 building compatibility
  • Reduced default AI skill for less CPU
  • Increased traffic vehicles (3) per town
  • Added traffic debug markers
  • Added passengers to traffic
  • Driver and passenger faction dependent on town faction
  • Added removal if vehicle moves out of range of players
  • Randomise destination if vehicle still within range
  • Reduced traffic spawn delay from 60 sec to max 15 sec
  • Changed traffic spawn condition to when town active and 1 player within spawn distance
  • Fixed custom locations

Installation Instructions

If a mission maker wishes to use this replacement code, here are the instructions.
  1. Simply copy the CA directory into your mission folder to over-ride the default BIS modules.
  2. Place a BIS Functions modules in the mission editor and add the following to the INIT:
    BIS_fnc_locations = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "CA\modules\functions\systems\fn_locations.sqf";
  3. Place a BIS Ambient Civilans (Expansion) module in the mission editor and add teh following to the INIT:
    BIS_ALICE2_fnc_civilianSet = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules_e\alice2\data\scripts\fn_civilianSet.sqf";