SP Penetration of Takistan

This is a search and destroy missions involving six objectives. You are the leader of a 10 man squad.
Added by Mosh over 6 years ago


1. Kill 5 AA infantry
2. Destroy a scud
3. Kill a warlord
4. Locate and destroy a shilka
5. Locate and kill Colonel Aziz
6. Harvest a sample of the warlord's crop

This is a large scale mission. It uses most of the Takistan map. I like to fly and drive the various vehicles BIS has given us. Obviously the firepower provided is overkill but you have the option to use as little or as much as you want. If you like small maps and few vehicles, please don't even bother with this.

This is just something I've been messing around with for the last few weeks months while trying to learn scripting. I had no intention on releasing it but I think some might find it amusing so here you go. Some of the spawns are random for re playability.

This was meant for fun, for me, and realism and military accuracy are not my strong points (nor were they even attempted on this one). I wanted to test my creativity and this is what I came up with. For you critics out there, please understand this mission was originally meant to test out various scripts people shared on the forums. I would love some constructive criticism on way the mission is presented (scripts, briefing, etc) but please don't bash me for my odd storyline...

PLEASE USE SPOILERS if you need to point anything out that might be a surprise for someone who hasn't played yet. Thanks.

This is my first release of a mission so be gentle.

Hopefully none. The only issue I see arising is with tasks and team switching. It's working now as good as I can get it (tasks update for leader regardless of team member being used but only show for leader), but we'll see if that can't be improved.

The only thing in the report file related to this mission (I use the beta exe and it gives a few errors on it's own as far as I know) was something about a uaz (maybe beta related?) and my overview.html (Error in HTML file ca\ui\data\dtaext\mymissions\overview.html Context 4).

I used -showScriptErrors also and nothing wrong there.

I plan on squashing bugs and adding more stuff. I wanted to keep the jukebox module in, but decided to take it out due to it overpowering a few of my sounds. If you want music, do what I do and throw all the music from OFP, ARMA 1 and 2, and OA into a folder and let Winamp shuffle it. That way you can play it a little quieter and still enjoy my sound effects.

I do have a version with more toys (mostly planes like the F16, F14, B-52, Typhoon, etc) and some more scripts (AC-130, Medivac, UAVs, artillery, etc). I will release that soon also in this thread.

This was also originally supposed to be MP compatible, but I got really frustrated with some things, so for now it's SP only. I will continue with the MP version too when I learn some more.

An OA only version is also in the works, but not a priority to me right now due to several key changes that would have to be made.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge on the BI Forums... people like Celery, W0lle, Kylania, [GLT]Myke, [sbs]mac, shk, Tophe, Big Dawg KS, JW Custom, to name just a few. The help you all provide is appreciated so much. Most of theses scripts were created and shared by someone else... the broken ones are mine. And yes, the search button works, I didn't have to post once to get an answer for all the problems I had with this mission. Seriously, thanks guys.

Also, thanks to all the Arma news/fan sites (armaholic.com, ofpec.com, armedassault.info, and many more) for their forums, their resources, and everything else they provide.

And most importantly thanks to BIS for providing me with hours days weeks years of entertainment!

-version 1.3 - changed all voices from generated to real... voice acting done (poorly I'm sure) by me :)
-version 1.2 - removed una targets and modified a few scripts, added base template by Eight
-version 1.1 - added UNA targets script by Walker001, fixed some scripts
-version 1.0 - added UK version
-BETA .92 - added BAF weapons and vehicles, added AC-130 script by LurchiDerLurch
-BETA .91 - added trigger i forgot, minor script adjustments, changed a couple waypoint types
-BETA .90 - release

With all that being said, I hope someone out there has fun with this.