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Close Assault is a company level, team vs. team Armed Assault game mode for up to 32 players. Close Assault aims to combine the realistic combat density and engagements of a solid tactical wargame (such as Close Combat) with the immersion and first person interaction of a war simulator (Armed Assault).

  • Squad Command: Players each command a squad or vehicle crew of AI teammates as they try to capture all of the sectors in a map from the enemy or eliminate them entirely. With each player controlling a squad, a 4v4 game is roughly a platoon level engagement, while a 16v16 game is company level.
  • Sector Control: Sectors may only be captured after controlling a neighboring sector, concentrating battles along a front line. Most battles take place in mission areas of about 2-4 square kilometers.
  • Realistic Force Pool: Players choose units from a limited pool of forces; when units are lost, they cannot be replaced. Platoons arrive at different times during the battle, granting players an increased variety of equipment as the game progresses.
  • Teamswitch & Group Respawn: To improve squad combat while commanding AI, players may switch first person control between team members at will, and respawn into them when killed.
  • Combined Arms Combat: Over a dozen unique unit types expand the possibilities in combined arms combat. Units include: combat engineer squads which can deploy mines and fortifications, airborne infantry squads that let the player fly a helicopter into combat and then fight as the infantry, and self propelled mortars with manually controlled aiming.
  • Designed for Editing: Flexible Scenario and Unit data files allow easy creation of new scenarios without editing game code, as well as integration of popular Arma mods. However, no addons are required to play the basic game.

I have been working on Close Assault for about a year and a half, with various incarnations dating back to my early Operation Flashpoint missions. My dream since owning my original copy of Operation Flashpoint was to have a large scale multiplayer war, with combined arms forces locked in a vicious engagement. With the improvements in network speed, computing power, and game engine features (like Join in Progress) since 2001, my original dream has almost become reality.

The first public version of Close Assault will be version 0.4, which will incorporate all of the features displayed in the following preview, and not require any addons. Future versions will support AI 'bots' controlling their own squads, a command system for players to control subordinate squads and platoons, a support system for calling in artillery, airstrikes, and reinforcements (limited to officers), and expanded unit options such as engineers, artillery batteries, self propelled artillery, and parachute-dropped special forces. Look for v0.4 to be released in May 2009. Development for Arma 2 will be pursued once a stable version has been released for Arma 1.

I have hosted CA on the dev-heaven website to help streamline development, and hopefully make it easier to collaborate with other developers. Until now, Close Assault has been a one-man operation, making it hard to share code or resources with others. Thanks to Dev Heaven for hosting the project and helping me get set up!

Here is a 36 image preview of upcoming version 0.4 that I have posted to Flickr. I have narrated the action of a 30 minute engagement to demonstrate Close Assault's features and game flow in a small 4v4 map.