CBA v0.7.0

Official Release
Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

This release is, like the v0.6.0 release, intended for users of all three variations of ArmA 2.

Key Changes

  • IMPROVED: Initialization behavior in general, and especially BI Functions Module init, and post-init on dedicated servers.
  • FIXED: XEH onRespawn handling
  • CHANGED: KeyHandlers can now be changed and removed on the fly
  • CHANGED: FiredEventhandler includes _magazine, when using latest 1.55 beta's
  • ADDED: CBA_actionHelper by BigDawgKS.
  • Internal fixes and improvements

Full documentation is available at DevHeaven.
Issue Changelog is available at DevHeaven


The addons, manual, functions reference and complete sources are included in the release.