2nd AAS-Release for Operation Arrowhead V1.13

and the first one worth mentioning: 16 Missions already, 25 Templates for all OA-Terrains.
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

Only 17 days since the initial AAS for OA-Release today it´s time for the next one that introduces a couple of great new Features and ten new challenging Arrowhead-Missions (16 Total now in this Release). Some Features are so brandnew, that the latest OA-Beta-Patch is required yet to see them working or you´ll have to wait until BI releases the next Final Patch to see this AAS-Release fully functional. These are the changes in V1.13:

  • Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage. (Currently Beta-Patch dependent!)
  • Medic Revive working again (dead bodies do not disappear instantly anymore if the patient is using the latest Beta-Patch)
  • X-Ray Spawn-Protection added, you can´t shoot into and from X-Ray-Bases anymore
  • The AAS-HUD has been improved: Enlarged Minimap, Improved Contrast everywhere and fixed overlapping AAS/ArmA-HUD-Elements
  • Added AAS-Network Loading-Screen so people know where to go find our more about AAS
  • Moved Standard Linear-Default AAS-Template without Neutral from Chernarus to OA-Desert
  • Ten new AAS-Missions
  • Added M32/M79 Grenade-Launchers to Grenadier-Class to both sides (experimental)
  • Added Themal View Mk16 to Blues Recon as counterpart for Reds Goshawk. Great for spotting Snipers!
  • Improved Engineer-Class-Names
  • Improved Weapon-Descriptions on Kits-Menu
  • Improved/Rebalanced Kits
  • Added already legendary Naked Mole Fireteam
  • Several Bugfixes

Please note: In order to host this AAS-Release the Server needs to run OA-Beta 72107 or newer!

Get AAS for OA V1.13 here.