CBA v0.5.1

Bugfix Release
Added by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

This release is intended for ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Combined Operations users.
If you have only Operation Arrowhead without ArmA 2 original, you are required to also use @CBA_OA modfolder.

Key Changes

  • FIXED: Crash upon loading of save-game
  • REMOVED: CBA_bridge prototype
  • ADDED: Addon/Mod versioned dependency verification to Versioning system
  • ADDED: Upgrade check; warns when addons no longer part of the distribution, have still been detected
  • ADDED: Warning messages upon using wrong combination of CBA modfolders with OA Standalone or Combined Operations

Full documentation is available at DevHeaven.
Issue Changelog is available at DevHeaven


The addons, manual, functions reference and complete sources are included in the release.