Hotfix of A&S ProMode (2010-05-31)

Added by kju about 7 years ago

This hotfix resolves a crucial and a few additional issues.

  • Fixed: Players sometimes respawn in enemy zones.
  • Fixed: Limit rifle grenades to 4 for small and 6 for medium missions.
  • Fixed: JIP player gets rifle grenades removed.
  • Fixed: Ammo crate and rucksack in zone A in mission LakePatrol (Namalsk).
  • Fixed: Start locations wrong in Gunslingers.

The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

You can review the list of changes in detail.

The A&S ProMode (2010-05-31) pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!