First release of A&S ProMode (2010-05-31)

Added by kju about 7 years ago

Final release in ArmA II and name change to A&S ProMode.

  • Added: Make different classes use different unit models for different look.
  • Added: system to support MOD sets (units, vehicles and weapon replacement) via parameters.
    • Added: ACE2 to MOD sets.
    • Added: BWMod to MOD sets.
    • Added: HEXAgon to MOD sets.
    • Added: PedagneMOD to MOD sets.
  • Added: parameter to limit third person view.
  • Added: parameter to disable the minimap.
  • Added: a notes section to list the classes and their equipment.
  • Added: ability to cut wires as engineer.
  • Added: tcp's Laser Rangefinder.
  • Added: LurchiDerLurch' AC130 simulation.
  • Added: award for healing another guy for 100 life points.
  • Changed: Make respawn officer time longer (from 10 to 15 seconds).
  • Changed: Check actual distance between unit and flag for counting inside the zone / for flag cap.
  • Changed: Disable respawn for support vehicles (ammo/repair/fuel trucks).
  • Changed: Remove scene preloading to reduce spawn delay.
  • Changed: Disable observer mode until fixed.
  • Changed: Show bonus point award for attacking/defending.
  • Changed: Show bonus points award as part of the revive HQ message.
  • Changed: Make bonus points message part of the HQ message for capturing a zone.
  • Changed: Make AI support use CDF/Insurgent units for the ArmA II set.
  • Changed: Remove equipment in vehicles.
  • Changed: Update PustoshkaAssault.
  • Changed: Improve coding of class limit system.
  • Changed: Replace generic xmitVarName PV with standard PVEH system.
  • Changed: Replace setVar class limit system with existing publicVariable.
  • Changed: Replace constant playerQId calculation with persistent playerQId variable on the player entities.
  • Changed: Disable class limit mutex.
  • Fixed: Vehicle features were not applied after respawn for a non dedicated server (host).
  • Fixed: Enhanced viewdistance feature is not applied on respawning planes.
  • Fixed: After revive one gets full number of smoke/nades.
  • Fixed: Class change delay is not always reset.
  • Fixed: Locked vehicles are listed in the briefing vehicle overview.
  • Fixed: AI clean up removes playableUnit bodies.
  • Fixed: AI Debug Mode for only the own side shows both sides AI.
  • Fixed: Not-moving and cleaned-up AI marker is not visible.
  • Fixed: Duplicate weapon XXX detected in RPT (items/NV/BN only).
  • Fixed: Spawning at C leaves you in the water in KobaridRiver.

The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

You can review the list of changes in detail.

The A&S ProMode (2010-05-31) pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!