Release of version 1.1.7c ACE

Added by Doomguy over 8 years ago


I just uploaded a new version of my mission WACO to the Files section. As requested, I added the ACE head bug fix. You can use it by using the radio alpha trigger (0-0-1). Then, I think I solved the elusive problem of disappearing AI squad leaders, and their teams becoming unresponsive. I also made some changes to the GUI that will make it easier to see how many camps you own in a town, and when you are able to capture the town (the town marker becomes yellow). Finally, some small fixes and balance tweaks.

Have fun!


Here is the full changelog:

  • (ALL) Town supply value marker extended with number of camps
    captured. Also, the marker turns yellow if your side has enough
    camps to capture the town.
  • (ALL) Prevented factory icons to be drawn when camp capture bar is
    up. This should reduce the flashing of the camp capture bar.
  • (ACE) T72A and M60A3 prices changed to 3500.
  • (ACE) Added ACE head bug fix (use radio alpha).
  • (ALL) AI leader respawning re-worked (again). Should prevent teams
    from breaking when leaders went unconscious (ACE). Leader respawn
    as team member enabled again, should increase AI efficiency.
  • (ALL) AICOMBATFORMATIONRANGE constant added. Default set to 500.
  • (ACE) Fix: Rucksacks in player's second weapon position were being
    counted as field radios.
  • (ALL) AI leaders could be unable to move when switched back from
    independent air team type.