Ninth release of PvPscene AAS Missions (2010-02-25)

Added by kju over 7 years ago

The latest major update with several important additions, changes and fixes.

  • Added: new infantry classes.
  • Added: Grenadiers has access to up to eight flares via F1 key.
  • Added: Grenadiers has access to up to four smoke rifle grenades via F2 key.
  • Added: ability to flip fallen over tanks for Engineer class on F3 key press.
  • Added: ability to repair broken tires for Engineer class on F4 key press.
  • Added: ability to call in artillery strikes as officer on F3 key press.
  • Added: GDT Mod Satchel.
  • Added: SDP MultipleCannon.
  • Added: Ike Shtora.
  • Changed: Grenadier and AT Specialist equipment.
  • Changed: Make quick lob count of hand- and smoke grenade class based.
  • Changed: Move info message in the respawn menu to the upper half.
  • Fixed: JIP players are not beamed back to XRAY.
  • Fixed: Respawn shield completely non functional.
  • Fixed: Eventhandler need to be readded after vehicle respawn.
  • Fixed: During night times the GDT HDR default night value is applied, while instead the player configured value should.

You can review here the detailed list of changes.

The PvPscene AAS Missions 2010-02-25 pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!