Fifth release of PvPscene AAS Missions (2010-01-26)

Added by kju over 7 years ago

The next major update, now called PvPscene AAS and even more to come!

A few fixes, several important tweaks and new features in:

  • Added: Compute list of available vehicles per zone in the briefing notes.
  • Added: Briefing entry about special and disabled key actions.
  • Added: Group chat message if 'blocked' action keys are used.
  • Added: Quick switch to rifle grenade mode via "User2" key action.
  • Added: Show the reviver the name of the unit he has revived (as top right hint).
  • Added: Show revive event as side chat message.
  • Added: Make revive action always default selection (via highest priority).
  • Added: Cancel respawn button in the respawn dialog to get out of a queue again to wait for revive.
  • Added: Integrate GDT Mod HDR.
  • Added: Integrate GDT Mod Helicopter Weapons.
  • Added: Integrate GDT Mod Anti Tank Guided Missiles.
  • Added: Integrate MK4 ShowInfo. Identify nearby friendly unit or get various vehicle cargo information.
  • Added: Integrate CLY EasyFly.
  • Added: Integrate PROPER ToughChopperRotor.
  • Added: Integrate ZGB_VapourTrails.
  • Added: Make time configurable in minutes in addition to hours.
  • Added: Make vehicle respawn configurable via mission parameters.
  • Added: Make reduced GUI enforcement configurable via mission parameters.
  • Changed: Double capping speed in A&D mode.
  • Changed: Remove guided rockets only from planes.
  • Changed: Reduce heal speed by 50%.
  • Changed: Limit rifle grenades to 4 for small and 6 for medium missions.
  • Changed: Automatically activate night vision after respawn/class change in night times.
  • Changed: Reduce initial black screen at mission start.
  • Changed: Disable clutter and double viewDistance for units in planes.
  • Changed: Hide minimap, time and subteam info while inside planes.
  • Changed: Replace rocket equiped choppers with MG type in Embassy.
  • Changed: Disable BI air vehicle burning FX.
  • Changed: Disable BI vehicle secondary explosion FX.
  • Changed: Disable BI rocket smoke FX.
  • Fixed: Remove 'revive' action once used.
  • Fixed: Units start in the wrong side on Lumberjack.
  • Fixed: Missing tank (T72) for EAST in Embassy.

You can review here the detailed list of changes.

The PvPscene AAS Missions 2010-01-26 pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!