Fourth release of PvPscene AAS Missions (2010-01-11)

Added by kju over 7 years ago

Welcome to 20.10 and a major update for AAS!

Several important fixes, tweaks and new features in:

  • Added: Implement A&D version possible to select as parameter.
  • Added: Add smoke / hand grenade quick lob feature.
  • Added: Add black background to minimap unit markers.
  • Added: Make revive action shown automatically on cursor on dead.
  • Added: Replace flag icons with more position precise ones.
  • Added: Nearest medic is XXm away - message should contain medic name.
  • Added: Hide revive action for non medic classes.
  • Changed: Change special AAS key actions to F-keys.
  • Changed: Sync zone and flag position.
  • Changed: Make minimap bigger.
  • Changed: To capture a zone a simple majority should be suffice.
  • Changed: Make zone name text larger in the minimap.
  • Changed: Make team member markers green with bit of alpha (instead of white, like the player marker).
  • Fixed: After respawn at times "a key is stuck" and causes continuous performing of the action.
  • Fixed: JIP players are not beamed back to XRAY.
  • Fixed: Units cannot revive on mission start.
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC during respawn menu makes you stuck in camera.
  • Fixed: End result (number of zones) is not always correct.

You can review here the detailed list of changes.

The PvPscene AAS Missions 2010-01-11 pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!