Third release of PvPscene AAS Missions (2009-12-21)

Added by kju over 7 years ago

A couple of issues were resolved in this release.

Overview of the core changes:

  • Added: max 2 AT and 1 Sniper class per 10 players limit.
  • Added: parameter option to disable spawn in zone to defend.
  • Added: viewdistance, terrainGrid (clutter), daytime, weather and fog a mission parameter.
  • Changed: Tweak capture speed of zones.
  • Changed: Replace M16A2 with M4A1 types and AK74 with AK107.
  • Changed: Reduce number of standard rifle magazine to four.
  • Changed: default values of 'mission default' parameters are shown.
  • Changed: Made small missions have 20 minutes mission time by default.
  • Fixed: No end screen shown, if one side captures all zone but XRAY.
  • Fixed: Sync weather for JIP (time, weather, fog, rain).
  • Fixed: Replaced MG_Nest object until LOD issue is fixed.

You can review here the detailed list of changes.

The PvPscene AAS Missions 2009-12-21 pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!