New tools for world editing

Added by kju over 7 years ago

Thanks to Mikero more outstanding tools are available.

Convert OFP world files to ArmA / ArmA II

OFP world editors and old school terrain fans rejoice.

ConvertWRP makes it possible to easily convert an OFP WRP file,
both OPRW (binarized) and 4WVR (not binarized) to an ArmA PEW.

The pipeline is simple and very fast.

Convert WRP back to Visitor3 editable PEW format

It happens from time to time that people loose their source PEW
due to hardware failure or other reasons.

ConvertWRP allows one to easily convert an ArmA or ArmA II WPR file,
both OPRW (binarized) and 8WVR (not binarized) to an ArmA PEW.

Be sure to respect the copyright of BI and community made worlds.
To release someone else's hard work you must get permission to do so!

Create object template PEWs

To be able to place objects in Visitor 3 one has to import and define
objects first in a very cumbersome and tiring way. Not so any longer!

CreatePewObjects can create easily a PEW from a source text file
definition that contains all object definitions of your preference.

Even more it can extract definitions from existing PEW files or remove
all/partial definitions from a PEW file to stop buldozer defining
the actual objects in the WRP and therefore effectively mass removing


All tools are still in development. Your testing and feedback is
very welcome. Please visit the PboDll project space and leave your thoughts.