V1.18 released

Major reworking of objectives system for C&H/AAS. True HOLD and DESTROY objectives are now supported. Sounsd played when objectives change ownership.
Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

6/8/09 V1.18 V1.18 now released
Fixed in this release:-
  • IMPORTANT - C&H/AAS objectives are now created slightly differently from before. Old maps may need to be modified slightly - read the manual for details.
  • Vehicles now respawn in the correct direction rather than always facing North.
  • By default, players now respawn at their original location and direction.
  • Objective type mechanism completely reworked (see manual)
  • HUD now automatically shown at beginning of game
  • "Flagtaken" sound now played in C&H/AAS when objectives change ownership.
  • "Flagtaken" sound now played in KOH when flag is taken from another player.
  • "allWeapons" markers create an ammo create containing all rifles and rocket launchers (regardless of settings of CTF_allowGrenadeLauncher/Silenced/Sniper etc)
  • Vehicles will now be repaired, refueled and rearmed if taken back to a carpark and left stationery for CTF_vehicleRefreshDelay seconds.
  • CTF_playerRespawnLimit can now be used to limit number of respawns
  • End of game hints now enabled (10,5,1 minutes by default but use CTF_endWarnings to change).
  • Hold (return to neutral if no friendlies present) and Destroy (damage all vehicles in area) objectives now supported
  • CTF_allowNVG equips players with NVgoggles