First release of the Mi-28

Added by kju almost 8 years ago

It is good to see people join forces in a Community Made Addon project!

Thanks to Digital Centurion for the original model, EricM and modEmMaik improving it
to make the Mi-28 a great contribution to the scene!

This is the first release and mainly a preview for people to try, test and give feedback.
Readme, license, key file included, binarized and signed. Expect more updates soon to follow.

Especially check out the task list to see how YOU can contribute to the project.

modEmMaik made it possible to make reskins easily with the hiddenSelections method.
More details about the method in general at this OFPEC thread - kudos to JasonO!

You can download the complete source via the repository browser or
git anon download. More details in the CMA: Mi-28 wiki.


PS: You find the download in the CMA: Mi-28 wiki.