V1.14 released

Many bugs fixed (DM modes were borken) , more configurability and new features include anti-gimp, flag-tracking and varying respawn times.
Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

29/7/09 V1.13 now released
Fixed in this release:-

  • Manual updated again
  • ParaDrop feature now fixed so it doesn't spawn a plane for every player
  • CTF_paraDropVehicle can be used to choose which vehicle to spawn
  • CTF_paraDropHeight can be used to configure how high up the player parachutes from
  • paraDrop vehicles are aligned with marker
  • Fixed bug in DM/TDM/FF/KOH modes where kills were marked as friendly
  • FF,DM, KOH now show top player(s) in HUD as well as own points
  • items in inventory are now preserved when respawning from for illegal kills
  • CTF_preserveLoadoutOnDeath can be used in DM's to make sure loadout is preserved even if there is no spawn--protection zone.
  • CTF_grenades can be used to override the default number of grenades in the initial loadout
  • CTF_carparkRespawnDelays can be used to control respawn times of individual carparks
  • Attempt to fix race-conditions leading to occasional loss of HUD.
  • Intro is now faded in to hide initial setup
  • Spawn-protection zones can be overflown as can minefields
  • Players who overfly borders will have different text to those who enter on foot
  • Implement a 'flag-tracker'. CTF_flagTrackDelay controls how long before this is turned on. CTF_flagTrackInterval controls how often it reports.
  • Added anti-gimp mode, particularly useful for DM's where crawling around isn't much fun. Set CTF_antiGimp to true to enable this.