V1.11 now released

Improvements for C&H/AAS Fixed and improved vehicle respawn Methods for levellling and making buildings invulnerable
Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

24/7/09 V1.11 now released
Fixed in this release:-
  • Reworked flags and markers based on input from Blackdog. Flag markers now change red/white/blue in C&H/AAS to indicate ownership and marker areas look much tidier.
  • Ammo crates spawned with 'guns' markers are now invulnerable
  • Flags in C&H/AAS can now have more meaningful names through CTF_flags configuration variable
  • Fixed bug where vehicles would only respawn once each
  • Added configurable vehicle respawn delay for abandoned vehicles (default is 30 seconds)
  • 'preventDamage' markers can be used to make selected buildings invulnerable
  • 'levelBuildings' markers can now be used to automatically level buildings placed on uneven ground.
  • Had another go at fixing up the disableCommandMode unreliability
  • Intro and outro music is hardcoded to internal tunes (this is a temporary measure).