V1.9 released

Fixes weather synchronisation, smoother intro camera, cleans up weapon selection
Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

20/7/09 V1.9 now released
Fixed in this release:-
  • IMPORTANT - gamemode is now controlled through a #define GAMEMODE_XXX in ctfconfig.sqf rather than the previous CTF_gameType variable. Users upgrading from earlier versions must set this define correctly. See the file for details.
  • Minefields now base probability of death on how far you have moved through them. Mine density and border markers are configurable.
  • Intro 'flyround' is now considerably smoother and cinema borders are used.
  • Automatic ammo-crate filling is temporarily disabled
  • Weapon choice dialogs are now removed and default weapon is G36.
  • Many of these changes are in preparation for gamemode-specific dialogs coming in near term release.
19/7/09 V1.8 now released
Fixed in this release:-
  • Spurious debug sidechat removed
  • Weather synchronisation was fubar'd and set weather to worst possible within a few seconds