Arma Server Monitor for Linux: Project moved

Added by killswitch over 1 year ago

The project has moved here

Please report bugs and requests there.

DMC Air Patrol: Update

Added by DemonCleaner over 1 year ago

Removed automatic reading of "map center" from map config files as this often leads to undesired results. Instead I've added a user placeable marker that represents the area of operations center for the air patrol.

DMC Air Patrol: Update

Added by DemonCleaner over 1 year ago

- Fixed an error in waypoint generation
- Added code to remove Air Patrol specific markers when not in debug
- Refined waypoint generation and added debug markers
- Added OPFOR air vehicle class names
- Removed functions folder for simplicity
- Fixed cfgFunctions.hpp

Insurgency: Insurgency 3 closed Alpha testing (4 comments)

Added by Jastreb almost 2 years ago

Finally we are at the point where we can say that Insurgency 3 is running stable and is in preparations and final tweaking before going public.

But, before this happens, we need to do some stress testing. We decided not to publish it before we are assured it is stable enough, and for that we need you to test it and provide feedback.

Ok so where are the files, some might ask. There are no files, it is not public yet.

Anyone interested in closed alpha testing please contact me or Ruthberg in order to obtain files.

Please keep in mind that we need stress testing and that means we need this to be played in private massive MP sessions, with 30+ players in order to get the performance results.

We will need your server/client rpt (without private info of course), your server configuration files, numbers of players, issues occurred, and brief description of events.

There is no issue tracker yet for this since its not published but we will take notes you provide.

You can sign up here as well by commenting on this post, and stating how many players you can gather for the testing.

Thank you!

Insurgency: Welcome to our new developers

Added by Jastreb almost 2 years ago

Every since I took over this project I have been in constant struggle, trying to find the right people which will help make this mission shine as it used to be in now as previously announced EOL Arma2, which we all loved so much.

The struggle has given the result, and as always as it is with life, it comes when you least expect it.

So please welcome our new developers, Outlawz7 and Ruthberg which have made a great progress, rewriting this mission from ground zero, leaving nothing behind, ruthlessly squashing bugs and creating new experience for generations to come.

I will keep things as short as possible and just say that very soon community will have a new mission to play, reviving some old memories, since we have striven to make every core feature from arma 2 version work in arma 3 ( minus civilians sorry ) out of the box. As a bonus, mission will be hosted on Github, and will be open source, so anyone can fork and build it up for his own needs. However it will have some rights reserved, but nothing to worry about.

More about it when its done, but as I said it should not take too long.

Current status:

  • A3 version has its code base rewritten from scratch, and we are adding some old features;

Thanks for reading.


*contact me via email: jastreb[at]armasrbija[dot]rs or find me on ( Jastreb )

Insurgency: Fireball has left the Battlefield, project ressurection (6 comments)

Added by Jastreb over 2 years ago

Why not revive Insurgency? Anyone interested and willing to contribute *contact me , I would love to hear your ideas.

My intention is to port/rework entire mission and make it work in Arma3 as it used to work in A2CO/ACE, and make it as close as possible to **Project Reality original insurgency.

We can make this a joint effort and perhaps start something new here.

For a start, entire code base needs to be redone and new mechanisms implemented. ALICE and SILVIE are gone, UPS from Kronzky needs to be updated, AI spawning/caching needs to be looked into. No FAS/BC module so we needs a workaround for medical treatment, wounding, and revival. AGM or XMS2 comes to mind, but I would love to keep mod dependency on the very low level.

We also need a banner and a few cool textures for the mission, so dont hesitate to make one, and send it my way.

In the end we can make it a join effort of the award winning Project Reality team and release it under a PR label (see PR Forum topic).

Fireball left the battlefield, pogoman is long gone, I dont know where Kol9yn is, but Ive spoken to Fireball and he handed over entire project to me. So lads, lets get this done.

For a start I need coders to join me, so we can make a base code up and running in A3. Then we can work on other systems. Intention is to make this a huge TvT mission, but I would like to have a Coop version also for the ones not liking PvP elements.

Current status:

  • A3 version is broken and not working (made in Alpha days);
  • A2 version reaches EOL and will not be updated;

Thanks for reading.


*contact me via email: jastreb[at]armasrbija[dot]rs or find me on ( Jastreb )
** Project Reeality is currently not afiliated with this project, and I had no intention of abusing their trademarks here

DevHeaven (Only site issues): Server migration complete

Added by admin over 2 years ago

The earlier reported server migration has now completed.

You will receive a security warning when accessing git repositories over SSH, please make sure to delete the old (ones) first ( and to accept the new key!

The new fingerprint is: 87:f5:0a:b9:b2:07:87:31:a0:4d:e3:7e:20:e2:e4:d9

DevHeaven (Only site issues): Server migration - site down for portions of today

Added by admin over 2 years ago

As of 14:00 CET we'll commence server migration, we should be back before or in the evening.

Iron Front in Arma - Issue Tracker: Fixes for 2014-12-27 update (2 comments)

Added by kju over 2 years ago

  1. Download and apply the DLC patch again.
  2. If you are an IF LITE users, get the hotfix.

More details in this thread.

Iron Front in Arma - Issue Tracker: 2014-12-27 update available for IFA3

Added by kju over 2 years ago

You find all the details on the new update in this thread.

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