Bug #21653

Updated by zGuba almost 6 years ago

*1. General*
- weapons should be able to use random sound with every shot (see .45 Revolver sound issue)

*2. Speed of sound and pitch*
- does not apply to consecutive shots (bursts or rapid fire) - need queueing?
- does not delay pitch changes in time (engine sound on crashing aircrafts)
- supersonic missiles can be heard while approaching targets
- pitch and SoS changes do not apply to "said" sounds (using say3D command)

*3. Features for sound customization*
- usage of various sound files for various distance ranges
- allow usage various sound files for normal and last shots in the magazine (most clear example - M1 Garand)
- generic echo depending on environment (something like "rain inside building", plus support for locations like forests, cities, hills)