Bug #16004

Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

Since the first 1.55.x beta something has changed in the rendering engine.
Now if you move just forward, it happens very regularly for objects and vegetation
to switch to the next higher LOD once you get closer, but it jumps back once
you get more close, and finally at some distance it remains at the higher LOD.

LOD levels should be consistent based on the distance to the object.

# Load attached mission in the editor
# Move forward
# Look at the HMMWV or the houses, especially the one behind the street crossing
# Also can be seen with trees, bushes or grass switching between LODs back and forth while you move

The attached videos show it also very clearly. 100% repro here.

Game launch parameter:
-nosplash -skipintro -noPatchCheck -noESRB -world=empty -profiles=c:\arma2 -window -cfg=basicOA.cfg -noFilePatching -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 "-name=kju"