Feature #30681

Updated by zGuba over 5 years ago

http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_ammos/B_545x39_Ball/config?version=58 (use Show Full)

@class B_545x39_Ball: BulletBase {
airlock = 0;@

Due to *airLock = 0* entry, *B_545x39_Ball* and other small arm rounds will never be considered by AI to engage slowly moving soft aerial targets, such as Little Birds or enemy parachutes.

AI should be able to engage such targets in close proximity (f.e. consider parachute or hovering Little Bird closer than 100-150 meters away and within maxLeadSpeed a "ground target"), possibly with increased dispersion as shooter has no reference points around.

# Put yourself as neutral observer.
# Put small team equipped with AK-74s against enemy parachute falling in close proximity. Preview.
# Replace parachute with Little Bird. Preview.

Team doesn't fire a single bullet at targets until they land, even if they pose threat to team's very existence.

Team returns fire if engaged, and tries to suppress the targets also when they are flying (armed Little Birds).

Infantry shouldn't consider heavily armored gunships such as AH-64, Ka-52 and Mi-24 as worthy target for 7.62 machineguns and sniper rifles.