Bug #30274

Updated by Fireball over 5 years ago

When rotors get up to full speed on *UH-60M* UH-60M and *UH-1Y* UH-1Y helicopters the wrong animation/effect is used. Also horizontal stabiliser is no longer animated on UH-60M

For UH-60M when rotors are at full speed the tail rotor reverts to a slow rotation animation and is no longer blurred. Also when forward speed picks up the horizontal stabiliser no longer animates to tje high speed position as it does on UH-60S.

Repro: load UH-60M in editor with external view. Start up helicopter and take off and fly at high speed. Observe tail rotor and stabilizer when helicopter is at full speed.

Similar issue for UH-1Y at full speed the tail rotor reverts to a slow animation with slightly blurred rotor effect.

*For the repro, make sure the screen refresh rate above 60 Hz and ensure that the config refresh rate is above 60fps

Repro: same
as well. This is also the reason, why a video is not feasible.* for UH-60M

UH-60S does not suffer from this bug.

I've noticed this bug quite a while ago and am pretty sure it appeared prior to 1.60.