Bug #30194

Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

The behaviour is as follows. When you I move my mouse up or down, or move it sideways slowly - all is ok. When I perform a quicker turns left or right the game lags\freezes at some points. So whenever I wanted to turn quicly to 90 degrees or so, cursor stops at random positions, then I have to continue turn again with my mouse, it freezes again and thus I perform this turn in a three or four laggy crazy turns waving my mouse insanely :)

For a looong time I thought that this "turn lag" was caused by my low system specs. It was very annoying for more than half a year or even more, can't remember. But recently I bought a new mouse from A4tech X7 series. While I fiddled with it's many settings I noticed a "Response Time" parameter. It had some six presets starting from "Office" as the lowest and spanning to "Game" as the highest response time. Here's the description:

Adjustable Mouse Key Response Time You can set mouse key responding time between 3-30ms.
It not only extends the mouse key switch lifetime but also offers quick response over your opponents during the game play.

I presume, it had some default setting set to, let's say, Average. I switched it to the highest gaming mode and my good old turning lag heavily increased! I realized that it's the cause of all the trouble. I turned it to the lowest and this lag disappeared without any visible impact on my "response over my opponents during the game play". =)
I hope this can help other people with similar issues to fix this lag, which really spoils a lot of fun.
I'm happy I could solve this myself but I'm still not sure it's Arma engine bug, though it appears to be so. In case it's my own clientside specific hardware bug - sorry :)

Thanks for your attention.