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Updated by cyrilator about 5 years ago

Currently, ingame, The reloading delay for these following missiles and rockets launchers is 4 seconds, it correspond to a rate of fire of 15 rounds per minute, which is unrealistic.

According to sources on internet these weapons when handled by a single soldier have these following rate of fire (rpm)

RPG29 1 rds/min (60 seconds to reload)


RPG7 6 rds/min (10 seconds to reload)


SMAW 2 1 rds/min ( at least 30 (60 seconds to reload)


MAAWS (Carl Gustav) 5-6 6 rds/min (10-12 (10 seconds to reload)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Aglp5iyis (7 seconds with two men)


Metis and M47 Dragon are expendable launchers, exactly like the Javelin.

Once the missile have been fired the targeting system is reused on another ready to fire tube. A single soldier only carry one missile + the bipod/tripod + sighting system.

the user doesn't carry extra ammos (due to volume and weight), this task is done by dedicated teammates.

Metis : 3/4 RPM (15/20 seconds to reload)

M47 Dragon : 3/4 RPM (15/20 seconds to reload)
(estimation no sources.)

M47 Dragon manual user: