Feature #29552

Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

i thought there was a feedback tracker :/ ah well, anyway.

I noticed a change was made so the M60 and various other machine guns (in particular) and after firing a set number of rounds would jam permanetly and require a barrel change (e.g for the M60 its 1200 rounds), if this is assumption is correct, seeing i don't completely understand your code, shouldn't it rather;

A) increase the jam amount gradually over time after said limit and then jam more and more frequently to hint at said requirement rather than just instantly jamming up (its not like the barrel is going to instantly melt together) and;

B) jam less frequently after said limit if fired in short bursts (as auttomatic rifleman are trained) as the heat from the barrel would be allowed to dissapate between bursts and be allowed to cool while firing a full belt straight through would slightly increase the chances of jamming