Bug #28379

Updated by msy over 5 years ago

Different from other HMMWV in the, only Avenger can have its crews alive when a satchel charge explodes near it. Is it a bug? What's more, only a M136 can destroy the Avenger and the crews at once and I don't think a satchel charge has less power than a M136 rocket.

Please use my demo mission
Way 1:
1.take a satchel charge in the ammo box
2.put a satchel charge near the Avenger
3.run away to a safe place
4.detonate the charge and see what is the satus about the car and his crews.

Way 2:
1.kill the crews of the car
2.take a charge in the ammo box
3.put a satchel charge near the Avenger
4.get in the car as a driver
5.enter the 3rd view to see the full car
6.detonate the charge to see what is going on with the car and you.